HP Laserjet P2055dn error 84 Error 1D31 Turn off then on

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HP Laserjet P2055dn error 84 Error 1D31 Turn off then on

1.The firmware is corrupted, formatter (mainboard) on the printer is damaged, there is nothing you can do   to  fix it.
2. Unplug conector Formatter / Mainboard and clean up conector and Formatter / Mainboard.

3.The P2055n follows the P2015n platform but uses an Embedded JetDirect (JDI) system to provide network access. Therefore network support for the P2055n is more like other JDI printers such as the LJ4250 rather than its predecessor, the P2015.

Error Reporting
Because an Embedded JetDirect system shares all resources, including memory and CPU cycles, with the printer, JDI failures can be difficult to distinguish from printer failures. However, JDI failures usually only manifest in one of the following three ways:

84.xxxx Service Errors are exclusively JDI failures generated when the JDI firmware detects an unrecoverable situation

49.xxxx Service Errors are low-level failures generated by the operating system underlying the printer and JDI firmware systems -- a given 49.xxxx service error can originate in either JDI or printer firmware

System Hang in which no error is displayed, but the printer is unresponsive both to button presses and the network.

The Service Errors noted above are displayed on the Control Panel at the time of the failure and are also recorded in the printerâ s Event Log. The Event Log can be accessed via the EWS under the Status tab and Event Log section.

Enabling/Disabling JDI on the P2055n
Under certain circumstances, it may be desirable to run without JDI as a diagnostic test, or as an alternate mode, for example for stronger security.

4.To enable/disable JDI, perform the following steps:
With Printer at READY , select OK .

Press both the Down arrow and Cancel key.

Printer displays READY .

Press OK .

Printer displays 2ndary Service .

Press OK .

Scroll and select Embedded Network .

Scroll and select either On or OFF .


5.Firmware upgrades
CPE releases
Periodically revisions are made to the P2055â s firmware system. These CPE revisions contain cumulative updates and fixes to both the printer and the JDI firmware in a single package.

The production of the CPE revisions is a joint effort between the printer and JDI teams, usually lead by the printer teams. Normally the JDI team provides fully tested versions in advance of the printer teamâ s scheduled releases.

Interim Releases
In a change from past designs, the JDI does not implement its own firmware download mechanism and relies solely on the printerâ s Remote Firmware Upgrade (RFU) mechanism. Though this reduces some redundant functionality, it complicates the long-standing JDI advantage of quickly delivering an â Interim Releaseâ that contains only a small but critical fix for one customer.

Instead, since each firmware upgrade must contain a full complement of printer code, any upgrade will necessarily change all the firmware in the printer. Thus, though we will continue to provide Interim Releases of JDI firmware, they will be based on the latest JDI version and moreover be accompanied by the latest printer firmware. Generally we do not expect this to be a problem, but in certain cases, a customer may be surprised or even unhappy with changes in the printerâ s behavior.

6. Any Problem The firmware is corrupted, formatter (mainboard) on the printer is damaged, there is nothing you can do to fix it.
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